Nothing strikes the heart of a homeowner, quite like being asked to choose the best type of cabinet for kitchen. Some folks would rather fight with grizzly bears than choosing a kitchen cabinet. 


So, you set your goals this year. Right! Apart from choosing your personal goals, it is quite important to select a few goals for your home as well. If you are thinking about kitchen remodeling, you definitely know that there are a bunch of things to upgrade. Changing your cabinets can help you make a dramatic kitchen that leaves your buddies scratching their head once they walk in. It is time to make changes you have been waiting for. 


But this article best describes cabinet designs for European contemporary kitchens. These are the kitchen that most people love not only for their extra stylish appearance but also for their perfect design that is aesthetically pleasing. They are characterized by contemporary appearance if you compare them with other cabinet styles. Below are some other characteristics of European kitchen cabinets; 


1. Smooth surfaces and textures-the design features smooth cabinets with flat services. They are highly polished by use of high gloss paints.

2. Sleek appearance-they are defined by a more industrial look characterized by ultra-sleek appearance.

3. Frameless design-most of the cabinets is frameless to increase the functionality, making them easy to use.

4. Bold and neutral colors-European style kitchen colors usually range from neutral to bold

5. Increased functionality and absence of ornamentation- the design of European cabinets emphasize more on functionality than ornamentation. They are designed in a way to prioritize user needs. 


What materials are used for European style kitchen cabinets? 

Unlike traditional and other style kitchen cabinets, most of the European cabinets are made of synthetic material that features natural and solid hardwoods. They are highly processed to bring a modern look and smooth appearance to kitchens. Some of the materials used include engineered woods, concretes, glass, metals among many others. For décor designs, material such as vinyl, steel, and plastics are mixed up with natural stones to help in balancing of elements. For warmth and coziness into the kitchen, veneers and real wood is an ideal option. 

For those who understand a little bit about European kitchens, it goes without saying that these major hubs are well known for their stunning appearance. The high gloss finish for these kitchens is what makes them pretty outstanding since it helps to create an extreme reflection of what a modern kitchen should look like.  

When it comes to kitchen design, European kitchens are by far the best. They are super stylish and enhance increased aesthetic value. There are numerous practical benefits you can get as a homeowner in term of the cabinetry lifespan and durability. Also, in terms of kitchen hygiene, European kitchens are far much cry when compared to others.  

They have a high-end look and luxurious appeal. These kitchen cabinets are worthy of a lifetime investment that every man, woman, or even a couple can accomplish. 


Frameless cabinets. 


Frameless cabinets are commonly known as European cabinets. These are cabinets that are attached to the box directly since they don’t have a frame. Most European countries prefer to use these cabinets because they have a more modern look to their kitchen.  

Benefits of frameless cabinets.  

1. Frameless cabinets maximize space.

2. Easy to customize- since they have less than one-quarter inch frame

3. You can increase the storage space for frameless cabinets since there is no frame to limit the size of the drawer box

4. You can adjust the shelves-they have flat doors, therefore, allowing you to adjust your shelves to a certain degree

5. They are sleek, clean and can give your kitchen a classy look perfect for modern looking. 

There exist different types of cabinets, and each type truly corresponds to a specific design. Let’s have a look on them below; 


Flat panel kitchen cabinets. 

These styles of cabinets are characterized by sleek and clean design. Usually, flat panel kitchen cabinets come in a decorative laminate finish or in a solid wood nature. For those folks who love to showcase their kitchen without the need for additional décor, these cabinets will help you achieve your desired goals. How? For one, flat panel cabinets give your kitchen a breathtaking wood like look thus making it naturally beautiful. And second, they provide a wide variety of colors, therefore, allowing you to create a perfect kitchen that matches your personal preference and taste. 


Raised panel kitchen cabinets.  

These types of designs are commonly used for transitional style kitchens. They are characterized by the ornate appearance that varies with the period style in which it gains the inspiration. Raised panel kitchen cabinets can be used for traditional settings. 

Accent style kitchen cabinets

These types of kitchen cabinets are used to emphasize specific areas to add visual interests in the kitchen. They cannot be used for the whole kitchen space. Since they are customized, they are therefore perfect for classic and traditional kitchens. They can also be used in contemporary kitchens to create elegance and giving off a transitional feeling as well. 


Beadboard kitchen cabinets.  

Beadboards are vertically lined up wood planks. Usually, wood planks contain ridges where planks join to form a bead. These types of cabinets bring a rustic feel to kitchens, thus making them feel more cozy and homelike. Popularly painted in white, this kitchen cabinetry is able to create a bright atmosphere for kitchens. 


Louvered kitchen cabinetry. 

These designs were before used in windows and interior doors. But soon, they were adapted into kitchen usage to create a visual interest to the space. Louvered kitchen cabinetry has spaces between them that provide ventilation for air conditioning purposes. 


Slab style kitchen cabinet.  

Slab style kitchen cabinets are mostly used for modern kitchens because of their simplicity and streamlined look. They are also used to give a cabinet a sleek and smooth look. They are ungrooved. 


Inset kitchen cabinets.  

These kitchen cabinets are good for interior decorations since they offer a streamlined look that exudes elegance. They are highly customized and personalized; thus, you can create a kitchen that perfectly matches with your taste. Contains decorative embellishments, therefore, allowing you to achieve the best look you desire. They can be used for contemporary, transitional, and traditional styles. 


Recessed panel kitchen cabinets.  

These cabinets compared to raised kitchen cabinets, they have more sleek appearance making them perfect for modern kitchen décor styles. They have minimal ornamentations making them blend well with inspired modern interiors. They are versatile and can be used in both transitional and traditional kitchen settings. 


European style kitchen cabinets finish. 


RTA cocoa flat panel cabinets.  

Where are those folks who want to feel traditional at the same time want to get locked into the hamster wheel of modern style? RTA cocoa cabinets are here to offer you a fantastic experience that can turn your wildest dreams into a reality. This cabinet resembles a dark natural wood color. It best suits into kitchens with wood furniture and floors. 


Thermofoil cabinets. 

It is one of the cabinets that have gained popularity when it comes to kitchen remodeling. Thermofoils are made from foils-a synthetic material composed of flexible vinyl with plastic coating. Commonly, thermofoils are attached to cabinet materials fiberboard through heating. This makes the cabinet surface last longer.  

Most manufacturers, when making cabinet use high gloss foils. These are coatings that give a mirror-like finish. For thermofoils, there exist a myriad of colors that varies from neutrals to vibrant to allow maximum customization. The textures of thermofoils can be glossy or matte.

If you own a flat kitchen, then it is recommended to use gloss foils cabinet design since they are flexible and easy to be molded into a curve. They also feature smooth texture that can bring a contemporary character that you need for your kitchen. 

 In general, the overall performance of thermofoils is typically uniform for European kitchen appearance. 


Advantages of using thermofoils.  

1. They require low maintenance

2. They are strong- thermofoils on itself is strong and doesn’t require any coating to protect it.

3. They contain superior and robust moisture resistant to help them withstand humidity and temperature changes. 


Acrylic Cabinets.  

When it comes to kitchen cabinetry finishes, acrylic cabinets are best by far. These are cabinets that can give your kitchen a contemporary look that can transcend your expectations. Similar to the lacquer, it gives a high gloss surface with a perfectly smooth appearance to European style kitchens.  

Acrylic is a paint (non-toxic paint, of course) that is composed mainly of acrylic acid. Just like other cabinets, acrylic comes in different varieties of colors. This means you are going to select a cabinet of your favorite color.  

Most important, acrylic can cut short your worries when it comes to fading. Unlike other cabinets, it can retain its brightness and hue for a long time without fading. 


Advantages of Acrylic cabinets.  

1. Easy to clean-only water and mild soap, you are done.

2. Flexible

3. Easy to maintain

4. They are durable

5. Scratch resistant-The layer used for acrylic finish creates a good resistance surface making it stand the best from other cabinets. 


Laminate cabinets.  

Another top modern cabinet and popularly used for European style kitchen is laminate cabinets. It is widely used since it comes in different color options, which can allow you maximum customization and personalization.  

Commonly known as Formica (brand of laminates), this type of cabinets was once was known to be weak and unstable. With a change in technology and manufacturing techniques, laminate cabinets were improved to a stronger and long-lasting character. The primary reason why it is durable is that it has a unique material composition. It is highly manufactured with four layers put together. No wonder it is regarded as strong.  

You can get these cabinets sold in wood like finishes or sometimes in high gloss variants. Like other cabinets, they also available in a different color option to allow maximum customization.  

Advantages of laminate cabinets.  

1. Strong and long lasting

2. Resistance to fading

3. Ability to withstand heavy use 


Lacquer cabinets.  

This is a cabinet with a traditional finishing technique popularly used for European style kitchen to provide an extreme appearance. Being made from shellac colored wood, this cabinet, therefore, can last longer without breaking or any damage. However, when compared to other cabinets, these cabinets have a less reflective appearance. 


Advantages of lacquer cabinets.  

1. Strong and durable

2. Provides extreme finish to kitchen cabinetry 

 Duco paint cabinets. 

This is another type of cabinet that gives a smooth and glossy appearance to kitchen cabinetry, therefore, perfect for European style kitchens. Unlike other cabinets, Duco paint cabinets provide a maximum level of sheen. 


While that in consideration, the level of sheen varies from flat to a high gloss finish. Are you looking forward to creating an evenly colored kitchen? Or, do you want to mimic your kitchen’s appearance? Duco paints cabinet is the perfect solution for you. You will amaze yourself the finishing technique this cabinet will give your kitchen. If you want to feel luxurious, these cabinets can highlight your kitchen for refined appearance as well. 



Advantages of paint cabinets.  

1. Strong

2. Maintenance is low

3. Contains a high level of sheen 


Veneer cabinets.  

If you wish to bring a natural element into your kitchen, get these cabinets. Veneers are made of lightweight materials if measured; its thickness is less than 3 mm. Oak and maples are standard species of veneers.  

We all understand the constant use of synthetic materials makes your kitchen feel sterile. Therefore, it is good if you bring these cabinets to your kitchen because the veneers are believed to captures the real beauty and appearance. 


Final thought.  

As you can see from the above, if you are considering kitchen remodeling project, cabinets hold the hardest part of it. There are varieties of cabinets, each with corresponding practical benefit and functionality. The choice of the kitchen cabinet you make defines precisely the overall look, style, and organization of your kitchen.  

Cabinets can bring a unique character into your kitchen! 


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